We Conceptualize, Design & Manufacture Quality Uniforms with international standards for the following categories

Fascinating material works continually seeks attention. BIZZARO excels in manufacturing modern creations in wear with their quality materials. As a dignified textiles producing company, BIZZARO implements acceptable material art for the desired shoppers. Materials are of assorted sorts, they’re structure in step with needs of the shoppers. Materials used for the institutional purpose is entirely different from that of the industrial purposes. BIZZARO fastidiously studied regarding the materials that they need to use for every function.

The appearance of a garment is greatly influenced by the fabric used for construction, not all fabrics are suitable for all garments. In our case fabrics are produced mostly for our own loom. We are also dealing with the export materials, what makes us as the largest textile manufacturers. We always used high quality yarn for the making. Types of yarns include spun yarn and filament yarn, Cotton Spun Yarn and Cotton Staple (Fiber).

BIZZARO excels in computerized embroidery styles. Our embroidery machines area unit is computer controlled and specifically designed for embroidery. Industrial and industrial embroidery machines and combination sewing-embroidery machines have a hooping or framing system that holds the framed space of cloth taut beneath the stitching needle and moves it mechanically to make a style from a pre-programed digital embroidery pattern.

BIZZARO excels in textile printing. They are using the foremost trendy printing technology.

Additionally, heat-transfer printing is another modern printing methodology by BIZZARO. Perrotine prints, carven copperplate printing, Roller printing, Cylinder printing or Machine printing, Stencil printing, Screen-printing, Digital textile printing, Plano graphic printing are also available in BIZZARO

Bizzaro is the one end point for uniform accessories. A world of choice under one elaborate roof. Customized school shoes, belts, ties, winter uniforms and customized sports uniforms are lined up just here.

  • Kindergarten, Nurseries, Schools and Universities with customized designing in accordance with the individual requirements and global taste. Our products include Shirts, Pants, Shorts, T-Shirts, Sports-uniforms, Teachers€™ Coats, Fancy Dresses, Costumes, Graduation Gowns, etc

  • Corporate Companies in line with the corporate branding and identity of the company. Our products include Suits, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Blouses, Shirts, Ties, Scarfs, etc.

  • Restaurants & Hotels based on the requirements and brand identity. Our products include Uniforms for F&B, Front Desk, House Keeping, Chefs, Maintenance, Security, Salon, Spas, etc.

  • Construction & Industrial companies based on the requirements and identity. Our products include Coveralls, Overalls, Safety Vests, Shoes, Helmets, etc.

  • Pharmacies, Clinics, Laboratories, Hospitals based on the requirements and identity. Our products include Lab Coats, Doctors Coats, Nurse Uniforms, Scrubs, etc.

Our Services

  • Computerized Printing & Embroidery on fabrics & Uniforms including that of logos and badges.

  • Alterations of any kind as per the requirements.

  • Promotional products based on corporate identity & branding requirements. Products include T-Shirts, Pants, Shirts, Mugs, Key Chains, Caps, Pens, Car Shades, etc.

  • Fabric Trading that includes procurement of fabrics as per the requirements.