Bizzaro Pure

Hotel Uniforms

Bizzaro Pure takes ‘Safety Fashion’ to the next level with its range of antimicrobial uniforms for hospitality professionals. Inspire confidence to your staff and guests with Bizzaro Pure Hospitality Uniforms

Bizzaro Pure

Hospitality Collection

Our range of Hospitality Uniforms include: Front Desk Suits, Uniform Shirts, Uniform Pants, Uniform Skirts, Restaurant Vests, Jackets, Restaurant Aprons, Chef’s Coats, Housekeeping Uniforms, Security Uniforms, Bartender Suits, Bellhop Jackets, Busboy Uniforms, Waiter Uniforms, Gym and Pool Staff Uniforms, Spa Tunics.


Bizzaro Pure for Hospitality

Protection against Contamination + -

Bizzaro Pure products for the Hospitality industry give optimum protection against cross-contamination, whether it be from travel-bound guests or co-workers.

Odour Prevention + -

Antimicrobial agents present in Bizzaro Pure Uniforms prevents the formation of odour causing molecules thus keeping your odour free and ensuring a good experience when interacting with guests.

Comfort and Style + -

The antimicrobial uniforms from Bizzaro Pure not only offer resistance to disease-causing bacteria and mould but can also be custom-designed to meet your aesthetic/quality standards. Not to mention they are also extremely comfortable and stylish.

Easy to Maintain + -

The antimicrobial technology in Bizzaro Pure will inhibit the growth of foul microbes thus keeping your uniforms cleaner and fresher for a longer duration.