Bizzaro Pure

School Uniforms

Bizzaro Pure offers high-quality antimicrobial School Uniforms that ensure not just safety and protection against unwanted bacteria but also guarantee to last longer and fresher than the traditional uniforms.

Bizzaro Pure

Uniform Collection

Our range of School Uniforms include: Uniform Shirts, Uniform Skirts, Uniform Pants, T-shirts, Socks, Shoes, Belts, Ties, Caps, Coats, Blazers, Waistcoats, Sportswear, Masks


Bizzaro Pure for Schools

Odour and Stain Reduction + -

Antimicrobial agents present in Bizzaro Pure Uniforms prevent the formation of odour causing molecules thus keeping students odour free even amidst a lot of activity and sweat. The fabric also ensures high resistance to stains.

Absence of Irritation + -

Bizzaro Pure uniforms are natural cellulose-based wears that offer zero irritability to the skin.

Better Wear Length + -

Bizzaro Pure School Uniforms offer a much better wear length than traditional uniforms.

Readily Available + -

With the ease of access and economy of scale, we assure you that the Bizzaro Pure range of uniforms will be readily available to meet your needs.

Durability + -

Bizzaro Pure uniforms last longer than normal uniforms as the technology inhibits the formation and growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew thus saving the fabric from early degeneration.