Why Choose Bizzaro Pure


Bizzaro Pure uniforms last longer than normal uniforms as the technology inhibits the formation and growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew thus saving the fabric from early degeneration.

Odour Prevention

Antimicrobial agents present in Bizzaro Pure Uniforms prevents the formation of odour causing molecules by inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria thus keeping your odour free, even amidst sweat and humidity.

Easy to Maintain

The antimicrobial technology in Bizzaro Pure will inhibit the growth of foul microbes thus keeping your uniforms cleaner and fresher for a longer duration.

Stitching Perfection

All Bizzaro Pure uniforms go through Bizzaro’s patented stitching processes thus ensuring the best fit and longevity of your Uniforms.

Material Quality

Like with all Bizzaro uniforms, we never compromise on the quality of materials chosen for our uniforms. All Bizzaro Pure uniforms are crafted in high-quality materials fabricated to withstand repeated washes without losing the comfort quotient.

Prevention of Contamination

Bizzaro Pure uniforms are highly resistant to contamination as they inhibit the bacteria and microbes from latching on to it in the first place.

Dust Mite Resistance

Select antimicrobial agents in Bizzaro Pure uniforms have been proven to offer resistance against dust mite by reducing its populations in treated goods.

Fewer Washes

Bizzaro Pure uniforms stay cleaner for longer periods thus increasing the period between washings.

Environment Friendly

As Bizzaro Pure uniforms have increased longevity, they slow down the cycle of products going to landfills and the need to manufacture new replacement items, thus helping to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Also since they require fewer washes as compared to normal uniforms, we end up conserving more water.