Bizzaro Uniforms

About Us

The name Bizzaro has been borrowed from the Spanish language where it translates into Gallant or the Brave. And true to the word, it was a very bold move indeed when the founders of Bizzaro first started their journey in 2013 as a small school uniform manufacturer, with a vision so daring and long-term, that it was hard to even imagine the heights it would eventually scale up to.

Today, as one of the leading uniform manufacturers in India, with clients from different industries and enterprises worldwide, Bizzaro has carved for itself a unique position in the market, as a pioneer in Quality Uniform Manufacturing and Design. Using innovative strategies and technologically updated platforms, the team has continued to deliver the requirements of all its clients with perfection.

Since its inception, the primary goal has always been to make high quality fabric stitched uniforms affordable and accessible to all. With branches in India and the Middle East, Bizzaro continues to remain the ultimate choice for school uniforms in all these markets.

When it comes to corporate and industrial uniforms, the team has left no stone unturned in an attempt to rekindle a design revolution in the industry – experimenting continuously with the latest inspirations from across the world to craft impressive and professional uniforms.